“Timing is everything, in education as in many other fields. It’s not enough to teach well. You have to teach well to kids who are ready to learn, kids who are developmentally ‘ripe’ for learning.”
- Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax

Monday, March 8, 2010

"President Brigham Young was a learner.  Althought President Young only had 11 days of formal schooling, he understood the need for learning both the wisdom of God and the things of the world.  He was a furniture maker, a missionary, a colonizer, a governor, and the Lord's prophet...

"Perhaps President Young was such a consummate learner precisely because he was not constrained unduly by the arbitrary boundaries so often imposed through the structures and process of formal education.  He clearly learned to love learning."

- Learning to Love Learning by Elder David A. Bednar, February 2010 Ensign

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