“Timing is everything, in education as in many other fields. It’s not enough to teach well. You have to teach well to kids who are ready to learn, kids who are developmentally ‘ripe’ for learning.”
- Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax

Thursday, March 19, 2009

BTT: Worst 'Best' Book

What’s the worst ‘best’ book you’ve ever read — the one everyone says is so great, but you can’t figure out why?

This is a hard question for me, because I generally avoid books that I know I won't like. I will say that I started to read Moby Dick for my the online book group I'm in, and I just wasn't into it. The topic doesn't interest me at all, and neither does the style of writing. I have also tried to start some non-fiction C.S. Lewis a few times, and I haven't ever gotten very far into the books. The writing doesn't keep me interested very well, but I always hear all these great quotes from his non-fiction books. Someday I will finish a C.S. Lewis book! :)

So, I haven't actually read these things, but they are what comes to mind. :)


jlshall said...

I imagine Moby Dick is on a lot of people's "worst best" list. I've never been able to finish it, even though I've had it assigned in several English classes. That's what Cliffs Notes are for!

PopinFresh said...

I'm with you for C.S. Lewis. I tried as a kid, but the television show for Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, was much more appealing.

~ Popin