“Timing is everything, in education as in many other fields. It’s not enough to teach well. You have to teach well to kids who are ready to learn, kids who are developmentally ‘ripe’ for learning.”
- Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TAT: Our New Bookshelf

I have been reading The Lazy Organizer's blog for about a year, so I am excited to do my first TAT post. This week is supposed to be a home tour. Well, we live in an apartment and the place itself isn't that exciting, but I thought I'd tell you about our cool new bookshelf!

When we moved into our new apartment, we realized we needed another bookshelf. With our decision to homeschool has come the never ending acquisition of more books. We have learned with all of our moving that cheap bookshelves just don't last very long. We were hoping to find an awesome real wood bookshelf at a thrift store, but after a couple of weeks of nothing turning up my husband finally decided to build a bookshelf! This is something he has never done before, and I think it turned out great!

At first he was going to just nail the boards together, but then he decided to get a little more creative - that's his nature. So he got out a pocket knife and made the edges all wavy, and now it has more character!

Here is the bookshelf all loaded with the books - it mostly has adult and children's classics on it - but also all of the other kids books. I also put our education books on there, and pretty much anything that we feel is important for the learning environment in our home. We have another bookshelf that has all of our church related books on it. And then in our room we have our old cheap bookshelves with the less important books. We still have some room for more classics on our new bookshelf, but I told my husband he's probably going to have to build a couple of more bookshelves at some point!


MNKristy said...

Cute shelf! Love the wavy edges.

{The Sassy Mom} said...

That bookshelf is so cute...I could use one myself.

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Chanelle said...

Doesn't it feel so awesome to have room for our loves? BTW ~ it looks like we love a lot of the same books. Aren't they wonderful?

Mrs. Organic said...

He did such a nice job it's going to spoil you for anything else.

earthlingorgeous said...

WOW! You filled that bookshelf! I wanna sit on that sofa and take a tour on your books! Nice!


Christine said...

OHHHHH that looks GREAT! It's awesome having a man who is so craftsy! Love the way you decorated it too with the pumpkins, cool idea for reusing it!

HDMac said...

Welcome to TAT! :) Don't you just love finding something that helps get things organized and looks great? Love the shelf!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Veggiemomof2 said...

That's nice looking! I'm hoping when we get my husband's garage/workshop set up, he'll do neat projects like that.

Carrie said...

Ooooo, neat bookshelf! My hubs would be jealous!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back anytime!

The Happy Housewife said...

wow, great job on the bookshelf. That is much nicer than one you could have purchased!